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The attorneys at Esp, Kreuzer, Cores & McLaughlin handle family law matters from mediation, collaborative law, to aggressive trial litigation. Our Wheaton, IL lawyers will help you in your divorce or family law case. http://www.coresdivorcelawyers.com

Construction Litigation Representation

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As an experienced construction litigation law firm, Esp Kreuzer Cores LLP represents lenders, developers, suppliers, general contractors, subcontractors, and professionals in a variety of disputes throughout Chicago. We have successfully represented businesses in cases alleging personal injury or wrongful death, structural defects, and mechanical defects. For more information about how we can represent your interests in construction litigation claims, contact attorney Adam Kreuzer through this Web site or by calling (630) 871-1002.

Owner Liability in Construction Accidents

Speak to a construction law lawyer at Esp Kreuzer Cores LLP if you are a land owner, buyer, or seller facing difficulties in your commercial real estate transaction due to a past construction accident. Liability may attach to a buyer or seller of a property where a construction accident occurred. Protect your personal assets and business investments by shielding yourself from liability.

For all other construction litigation representation, contact attorney Adam Kreuzer.